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The following are newsletters that were sent from any of HGIM Network’s ministries.  Please click on the link to read the newsletter.

Newsletter Dated June 18, 2012: Heart of God India
“News Update from Heart of God India and JournEzine … “God has blessed us with a lot of activity which means there are many opportunities for everyone to be a blessing. Volunteer, Give, Pray, Go! If you’d like to contribute financially to this trip or other ministry in India, please use this link:” (Click here to read more...)
Heart of God Haiti TeamNewsletter Dated June 5 - Heart of God Haiti
“Heart of God Haiti: Important Report from Recent Trip to Haiti … “Based on reports from Scott and recommendations from trusted sources, we have made the decision to direct our efforts toward another orphanage located in Kenscoff that recently lost its funding. They are caring for 34 children and have official permission (validated) from the Haitian government to house the children while formal certification is in process. While we have made no long-term commitments, Scott has been assigned to work with them while helping them get the assistance needed from other organizations in order to continue caring for the children.” (Click here to read more...)
Newsletter Dated May 31, 2012: Heart of God India
“God continues to do mighty things in this ministry in India. Contact Jeanice quickly as she is building the schedule to make it possible to see old friends and make new ones. They would love to meet you and your pastor or leader. If you would like to help house pastor while he is in the US or if you’re interested in hosting a “meet and greet,” contact Jeanice or call at 1-888-917-7256 ext. 6. If you’d like to contribute financially to this trip or other ministry in India, please use this link:” (Click here to read more...)
Newsletter Dated February 21, 2012: Heart of God India
“Our Lead Pastor will be here from India in July. Please pray that his trip goes well and that God gives him spiritual partners as he is seeking to continue the plan of evangelizing areas where the Gospel has not been heard. I am hopeful that he will be able to minister in some churches/groups while he is here. On his way home he will stop in the UK for the World Outreach to coincide with the Olympics (we are still accepting applications to join this unique team ministering in a multi-cultural setting). Also, we have just launched our new website at with our blog site covering all of HGIM’s ministries at Please watch for future updates.” (Click here to read more...)
Newsletter Dated February 13, 2012: Heart of God International
HGIM announces a new website has been revealed featuring great new upgrades and many new options with links built in to all HGIM ministries. You will learn a lot from this new's a 'Not-To-Be-Missed' site full of opportunities to get involved and learn about this dynamic ministry...” (Click here to read more...)
Newsletter Dated January 6, 2012: Heart of God Haiti
Dave Young: Heart of God Haiti … “We are very saddened to inform you that Dr. Johnny, Pastor Dicksent’s close and dear friend who also served as the physician in charge of both the staff and the children at Helping For Christ Victory Center, has died.” (Click here to read more...)
Newsletter Dated December 26, 2011: Heart of God East Africa 2011 Year-End Review
“When asked what was the most important thing this ministry accomplished in 2011, my mind began to spin – it is hard to pinpoint one thing among the many ways God allowed us to minister to His people.” (Click here to read more...)
Newsletter Dated December 13, 2011: Another Sneak Preview of Military Heritage Bible
“a careful study of early American history will prove that God played a major role in the building of the United States' government and legal systems while the Bible was the standard for building this new nation's culture” (Click here to read more...)
Newsletter Dated December 7, 2011: Another Sneak Preview of Military Heritage Bible
“Give a meaningful gift to your friends and family by supporting HGIM ... your "Tribute Gift" will benefit all the ministry outreaches of HGIM including Heart of God East Africa, Heart of God Haiti, Heart of God India, Soldiers Bible Ministry, and more.” (Click here to read more...)
Newsletter Dated November 28, 2011: Another Sneak Preview of Military Heritage Bible
“...not too many years ago, if you were an American, it was understood that you were a Christian? The United States was a Christian nation and its citizens were not only considered American but followers of Jesus Christ. Take a moment to read the quote by a Colonial British Governor” (Click here to read more...)
Newsletter Dated November 15, 2011: HGIM Fall Update
“Thank you again for your encouragement and prayer. We’re honored to know you stand with us in partnership as, together, we respond to the Great Commission: “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every living creature…” (Matthew 16:15).”(Click here to read more...)
Newsletter Dated November 14, 2011: Military Heritage Bible Preview #2
Commander-in-Chief George Washington stated that "The blessing and protection of Heaven are at all times necessary but especially so in times of public distress and danger. The General hopes and trusts that every officer and man will endeavor so to live and act as becomes a Christian soldier defending the dearest rights and liberties of his country." (Click here to read more...)
Newsletter Dated November 14, 2011: Sixth Annual Christmas Story Competition
Jeanice McDade announced the Sixth Annual Christmas Story Writing Contest sponsored by JournEzine is now underway. “While “Emmanuel: God With Us” is the theme for this competition, we are blessed to know His promise to us that He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us … not only at Christmastime, but every day throughout the year God is With Us!” (Click here to read more...)
Newsletter Dated November 11, 2011: Finishing Things Up Around Here
Scott Ingram, HGIM's Minister of Evangelism shares: "It is hard for me to believe that we are already this far into November. This year has gone by so quickly, and with my departure to Haiti inching closer, the pressure is on for getting final preparations made. The biggest things left on my agenda are to finish off my time at work, begin handing off my responsibilities as the Associate Pastor of my church, work on gathering all my necessary supplies for Haiti, and continue the ongoing process of fundraising..." (Click here to read more...)
Newsletter Dated November 7, 2011: Military Heritage Bible Preview #1
Peter Bulkeley (1583-1659) said, “We are as a city set upon a hill, in the open view of all the earth…. We profess ourselves to be a people in covenant with God, and therefore … the Lord our God … will cry shame upon us if we walk contrary to the covenant which we have promised to walk in. If we open the mouths of men against our profession, by reason of the scandalousness of our lives, we (of all men) shall have the greater sin.” (Click here to read more...)
Newsletter Dated October 31, 2011: Unleashing the Gospel
This year Heart of God East Africa missionaries have had the privilege bestowed by God, to proclaim the gospel in Entebbe, Tororo, Bunambutye, and Karamoja. In October, the Karamojong tribe received 500 Bibles in their native language. Because of the power of the Word of God alive among the Karamoja, new churches and leaders will begin to multiply. These leaders already know the culture and language. This leads to fewer barriers while the Gospel spreads deeper into unreached areas. Glory to God! (Click here to read more...)
Newsletter Dated October 28, 2011: Worship for Warriors Musical CD Now Available
For nearly a year now, you’ve been reading about Worship For Warriors™, the project initiated in response to a dear chaplain’s request for a recording of traditional hymns which would resonate well with his special operations men. He needed a recording that would expose this unique group of highly specialized military professionals to the richness of the Christian heritage through exposure to familiar hymns such as Onward Christian Soldiers, Am I a Soldiers of the Cross, Stand Up for Jesus, and more. The songs had to be presented in such a way that these special ops men would feel comfortable singing along with the recording. (Click here to read more...)
Newsletter Dated October 24, 2011: SBM's Gift to You
Hardly a day passes that Soldiers Bible Ministry (SBM) doesn't receive at least one request for Bibles and study materials. It's a tall order for this fast-growing non-profit outreach formed to bring encouragement and hope to our men and women in uniform. Although SBM is surrounded by faithful partners such as Biblica (formerly International Bible Society Direct), Faith Comes By Hearing (Hosanna!), Koinonia House and Koinonia Institute, the fact remains that SBM continues to bear the expenses associated with many projects currently underway. For instance: (Click here to read more...)
Newsletter Dated October 12, 2011: Turning In the Keys
Scott is HGIM’s Minister of Evangelism. I’ve worked side-by-side with Scott the last two summers during the Heart of God East Africa mission outreaches to Uganda. He’s proven himself to be a young man of integrity, dedicated and passionate about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, preaching the truth with power and authority. Scott comes to us with an excellent experience record, especially for his age. You can learn more about him on his website ( HGIM is blessed to include him in our staff of volunteers. But, just to clear up any confusion, Scott is an unpaid staff member but he WILL be working hard to build support to provide his living and ministry expenses associated with his role as a full-time HGIM missionary … more about that later. (Click here to read more...)
Newsletter Dated September 2, 2011: HGIM Needs Prayer!
For the past few years, a small team of men and women prayed for prayer requests that were submitted to them via email. A few months ago, however, it was realized that we needed a better way to engage men and women of all ages from all over the world to help us pray for the many needs represented by the ministry and by our friends. “Palal Partners dot org” was born! A new way to communicate prayer requests has been developed. But, along with this, HGIM’s prayer team, Palal Partners, have the added ability to share their prayers, post updates and/or other prayer requests, and interact with others on the team. Prayer requests from any of the HGIM Network of ministries or those received from friends and family are posted on a private part of the Palal Partners dot org website. (Click here to read more...)
Newsletter Dated August 29, 2011: SBM Moves Forward In These Exciting Times
Almost a year ago we received a request from a chaplain who was being deployed to Afghanistan. He was looking for a CD of traditional hymns that would encourage those in his services to sing along while giving them the opportunity to “meet” the traditional hymns which are so rich in both verse and score. When we couldn’t find exactly what we wanted, SBM volunteer Michal Phillips (, who just happens to be an accomplished musician, was up for the task. Michal pulled together a CD of traditional hymns with an all-male vocal military choir and musicians. Worship for Warriors® is now in final pre-production stages and will be available soon. Please watch the SBM web page for more information. (Click here to read more...)